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Ecological surveys

With Q-Scan you limit yourself to the essentials. Collect the necessary data and survey the situation on the spot.

For an average ecological survey 3 to 4 hours are saved.

Q-Scan organizes your report. You need to put *) energy into the structure of the report once. We assist you with this. In this setup, not only is the layout of the report recorded, but also a survey form is created that is specific to the report. In addition, each report can be adjusted individually.

Every new report is minimal work. A very important gain is that you have a much better overview. This reduces the number of errors. Better quality, less time spent on checking. You save hours per report.

Again, the report is immediately available.

Q-Scan is actually an incredibly versatile tool. It doesn't matter what needs to be reported - Ecological surveys are only one option. As soon as a somewhat complex survey + report has to be done more often or in larger numbers, Q-Scan offers a perfect solution.

*) You can also handle multiple types of reports side by side. But even then, most of the energy will go into the first report. Other types are usually derivatives of the first report.