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Structural surveys

There is a lot to consider with a structural survey, especially when it concerns a larger number of addresses. BWNR organizes it for you and gives you an overview.

You can set up your survey project on BWNR.NL. Residents can log in with the login information you provide in the resident letter. Residents can choose and change appointments themselves. They can send messages and they can view the survey report.

BWNR checks the addresses and puts them on the map. Inspectors go out armed with the right information, carry out the survey and provide feedback. The survey itself is simple, but flexible. Once the last picture has been taken, the report is available.

The client can also view the reports. Or you can download the reports as a zip file for the client.

You can do a re-assessment to determine any damage. The situation before and after is clearly presented in the report.

You work largely paperless. All information is available on a tablet.