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About InfoLead

InfoLead was started in 2015 by Maarten Heckman in collaboration with Steven Oosterling. Since then, the developed functionality has steadily expanded. The number of projects carried out with our software is also growing steadily.

We focus on consultants and consulting engineers with software for surveys, and everything around it. Why? On the one hand because it 'came to be like this', you jump into the gap, into a demand.

But on the other hand because there appears to be a match, a click and you have to offer things that are needed. Our background means we can handle more complex matters and we are a good sparring partner.

We are 'lean & mean'. All we need to do our job is a notebook and an internet connection.


Maarten Heckman. Maarten has a background as an agricultural engineer from Wageningen University. And, since 1990 extensive experience in setting up complex software systems
Jan Jan Heckman. Jan has a background in mathematics at Delft University of Technology. He has extensive experience with spatial risk calculations and GIS programming.


Interweave Interweave owner Joost Bloom is a web design specialist with contacts at various engineering firms and a fellow townsman.


BK bouw- & milieuadvies BK bouw- & milieuadvies is the bureau with which we started BWNR in 2015. Followed later by Q-Scan. We are mutually happy with a good cooperation. BWNR started with an appointment system for a BK project. Not much later, the request was made to also be able to do structural surveys with the same system. Q-Scan also started with a question from BK: can you make something better for our Flora&Fauna Quickscans? And as usual the answer was: yes, and the result, that BK is now doing lots of quick scans, because they can concentrate on the content and the system takes care of everything else.
Buro Boot Buro Boot has been an enthusiastic customer since 2018. Interesting projects, such as Schiphol. But also a lot of 'normal' projects. Survey homes on behalf of construction project contractors to clarify whether damage has been caused by the project, or that the damage was already present.